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Marijuana Ranks As Top US Cash Crop

Marijuana Ranks As Top US Cash Crop. Thursday, 21 December 2006 Washington, DC: Cannabis is the largest cash crop in the United States, outpacing the production of corn and wheat combined, according to an economic analysis released this week. According to the study, "Marijuana Production in the United States, 2006," domestic marijuana production has increased ten-fold in the past 25 years from 1,000 metric tons (…
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Vermont Medical Marijuana Operational since 2004

Vermont during 2004 passes a law legalizing the use of medical marijuana. Qualifying medical conditions include;  Cancer; HIV or AIDS; Multiple Sclerosis; Seizures; Severe pain; Cachexia or wasting syndrome; and Severe nausea. Vermont Medical Marijuana Patient’s may possess a limit of two ounces of usable marijuana. May home cultivate no more than nine plants, of which no more than to may be matured for use. The State has up to four…
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