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Image via MMJ America

Working in the marijuana industry is no longer a matter of driving shady cars across the border or setting up illicit grow rooms in your basement – at least not in Colorado. Sure, it may still be hard to explain to your grandparents what you’re doing for a living, but it has to be easier than trying to explain what a user experience designer is.

But because the industry is so new, it can be a bit daunting to know just what sorts of jobs are available. So we caught up with Marques Moore, the COO of MMJ America, one of Colorado’s largest marijuana companies and asked him what sort of new jobs he’s seen since marijuana became legalized. Here’s what he’s seen:

Bud Tenders: If you’ve ever been to a retail marijuana store, these are the people that help you at the counter. If you haven’t, think of them like a mixture of a bartender and a non-sleazy salesperson. It’s their job to be incredibly knowledgeable about the product, its effects, dosage, etc., while dealing with giddy (read tourist) customers.

Construction: “It takes a lot of individuals to maintain and keep up a grow house,“ Marques Moore COO of MMJ said. “We keep a handyman on hand at all times in case something happens.”

Marijuana Trimmers & Growers: Growing marijuana commercially isn’t

by Anthony Sodd on Apr 30th, 2015. Image via MMJ America